Olympia, Washington, USA

the band
Rebecca (also The Emerald Down): guitar
John "Quitty" Quittner (also Tight Bros., Behead the Prophet NLSL, Witchypoo)
Joshua Plague (also Behead the Prophet NLSL, Lords of Lightspeed)
Jason Reesce (also ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead)

partial discography
Special Rites 7" (Kill Rock Stars 1995)
Closet Check 7" (Outpunk)
split 7" with Las Mordidas (Honey Bear)
"Queer Enough for You?" on Outpunk Dance Party coll (Outpunk 1994)
"We are Not Your Entertainers" on Rock Stars Kill coll (Kill Rock Stars 1994)
"Bloody Breath" on Periscope coll (YoYo 1995)
"Contention" on We are All Guilty coll (Outcast 1995)
at least one track on Join the Queercorps coll (Queercorps)
at least one track on Yo Yo A Go Go '94 2x CD coll (YoYo 1996)
"Four Letter Love" on Some Songs coll (Kill Rock Stars 1997)

further reading
MF factsheet at Kill Rock Stars (contains pretty much the info we have here, plus some links to the Tight Bros. and Witchypoo).

Great queercore rundown - a ctrl-F will find the Fairies, halfway down the page, but it's all worth reading.

The Mukilteo Fairies were a strange beast - they were pretty much grindcore, but they had records on indie rock labels (KRS, YoYo), and queercore standardbearers Outpunk, so they got attention from all the indie rockahs who ordinarily wouldn't give heavy shit the time of day (it helped that they all were in/went on to be in more indie-rockin bands), and the grind scene didn't know they existed. Probably the first truly heavy underground band I heard (being that I have em on a mix tape, in between Lois and Heavenly, from about 1994) - my excitement about anything queercore overwhelmed my fear of loud and the rest is history....

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