New York, New York, USA

the band
Lizza Hayson: vocals
Karla Williams: guitar
Peter Lobodinski: drums

partial discography
4-song demo (self-released, 2000)

further reading
The official Mahavatar website, featuring a stylin gold-and-black middleeasternish color scheme (uh, and lots of info and useful stuff, I am not a design snob, no...). Plus, they like Disassociate and Candiria!

unsolicited opinion
Their music sounds pretty rad even on my shitty computer speakers (though it's drifty enough without the weird echo my system adds to everything, and the vocals are mixed a little higher than I like em). Dirgey headbang kind of thing, rad growl-sing vocals that everybody is comparing to Karyn Crisis (but honestly, I like Mahavatar better so far).

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