the band
Kicki Höijertz: vocals (1992-1994)
Mariana Holmberg: vocals (1995-)
Jocke Mårdstam: guitar (1991-1997)
Jörgen Fahlberg: vocals, bass (1991-1992)
Liljan Liljekvist: drums (1991-1992)
Peter Selin: bass (1992-)
Erik Barthold: drums (1992-)
Janne Wiklund: guitar (1997-)

partial discography
Dwell demo (1992)
Falling demo (1993)
Shadowdance EP (Massproduktion 1994)
The Wounds of Bitterness demo (1995)
Fevered full-length (Massproduktion/Nuclear Blast 1997)
Light Shines Black full-length (Massproduktion 2000)
two tracks on Metal North coll (Massproduktion 1993)
at least one track on Death... is Just the Beginning IV (Nuclear Blast 1996)
"She" and "Hybrid Moments" (Misfits covers) on Hell on Earth Misfits tribute coll (Tribute 1996)
at least one track on 10 Years Nuclear Blast coll (Nuclear Blast 1997)
"Worn Away" on Call of the Dark II coll (Nuclear Blast 1998)
"Nowhere to Go" (Mine cover) on We're Only In It for the Money 20th anniversary coll (Massproduktion)

further reading
Official LHS site at Massproduktion, their Swedish record label.

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