San Diego, California/Portland, Oregon, USA
late 1990's?-

the band
Lana Rebel: bass, vocals
John Schier: drums, vocals
Maurice Bryan Giles: guitar, vocals

partial discography
"Pretty Princess"/"Dragon Lady" 7" (Flapping Jet)
Brangus full-length (Flapping Jet)
Hawaii full-length (Flapping Jet)

further reading
LotJ at their record label, Flapping Jet - includes capsule reviews, mp3's, and a photo of Lana Rebel's amazing full-back tattoo.

a review (based solely on a listen and a half to Hawaii):
Indie-metal kinda like Don Caballero, the Champs, etc. (only not so mathy as the former and without the NWOBHMisms of the latter - though Tim Green of the Champs did record this record) (though that is neither here nor there). This is great shit, anyway, and the charming loch-ness-monster line drawings on the cover make me wish I could hide a tiny camera inside the radio station's copy of it, to capture the startled reactions of indie rockers who assume that such a package could only contain something sweetiepie. Quite recommended.

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