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Toronto, Canada

the band
Leah G: vocals
Ryan Maclean: bass
Chris W did somethin
who else is in this band, anyway?

partial discography
Faith in Chaos (Overman)
A Collective Journey (D.S.)
demo 2004
Fieldtrips and Friendships split with Panzerbjorne (The Culture Industry)
"Selling the Myth of Nationalism" on The Culture Industry comp "Destroying a Masterpiece" on D.S. Records comp

further reading
I Spoke's own beautiful website - dig the documentation section particularly.

something to ponder
The first time I put this page up, I had a little paragraph here about Canadian bands and funny song titles (see also: Fuck the Facts, Swallowing Shit.) And then Leah wrote me really nicely, telling me that the funny-song-titles singer was a jerk and he's gone and his misogynist crap does not represent the new I Spoke and could I please change the page to reflect this. So now I am finally changing the page, and instead of pondering what is the connection between Canada and funny song titles, please ponder the connection between hardcore and what Karen of Conflict calls "the asshole 'rape is funny' mentality of some segments of the scene." Also we could think about how much lyrical mileage some all-male bands get out of breakups, and why it is that women who talk about the same stuff get tagged as over-emotional chick musicians. Not that this necessarily has anything to do with I Spoke, but I dunno, just sayin.

oh right
Thumbs up to I Spoke's music, also (slow pretty melodic parts -> really great loud fast screaming parts), not just the politics. And this is probably the place to mention the Southern Ontario Hardcore site they're involved with, too.

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