Ottawa? Montreal? somewhere in Canada

the band
Mel Mongeon: vocals (2001-)
Topon Das: guitar
Matt Connell: drums (2001-2004)
Tim Audette: guitar (2001-2003)
Brent Christoff: vocals (2001)
Dave Menard: guitar (2003-)
Marc-André Mongeon: bass (2004-)
Tim Olsen: drums (2004-)

partial discography
Discoing the Dead full-length (Black Hole 2001)
split 7" with Kastrat (Zas! Autoproduzioni/Nuclear Assault 2001)
split 7" with Sylvester Staline (Anvil of Fury 2002)
Backstabber Etiquette full-length (Grind It! 2002)
split CD with Feeble Minded (Grodhaisn 2003)
Overseas Connection split CD with Sergeant Slaughter (Meat 5000/Undecent 2003)
split 7" with Subcut (Bucho Discos 2004)

further reading
It's pretty and it's informative! My favorite kind of band website.

wholehearted endorsement
Aside from the fact that they rock your block off so hard, you really have to check out FTF for the song titles: "If You're 555, Then You're Giving Me a Fake Number" (it's true!), "Yngwie vs. FTF," "Whisper Dependancy" (which is funnier if you know Cryptopsy, but everybody does, right?), "Medicated Like a Motherfucker," "Leper Accountant".... Yeah. Plus, yes, the music also rules.

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