Tucson, Arizona, USA/Richmond, Virgina, USA

the band
Erin: bass
Ash (later In Return): drums
Dave (later In Return): guitar
Daron (later In Return): guitar
Bull (ex-Policy of Three, Montag): bass
not sure of the chronology of Erin leaving the band and Bull joining....

partial discography
7" (Yuletide/Rosepetal)
split 7" with Sleepytime Trio (Smoothlips)
Suture full-length (Great American Steak Religion)
Transmit Failure full-length (Lovitt)
Suture and Other Songs (Lovitt)
The New Imperialism full-length (Lovitt)
at least one track on ABC's of Punk compilation (Whirled)
at least one track on Area 51 compilation (Join the Team Player)

further reading
Four Hundred Years at their record label, Lovitt (frames in effect; use the Lovitt link in the discography above if you want navigation).

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