Saarbrücken, Germany
formerly Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers

the band
Stefanie Duchêne: vocals (1997-)
Benjamin Buss: guitar, keyboards
Manfred Bersin: vocals (1994-1997), guitar (1997-)
Frederic Lesny: bass
Eric Hilt: drums (???-2000)
Mike Volz: keyboards (???-2000)
Stefan Gemballa: drums (2000-)

partial discography
Swansongs full-length (Seven Art 1996)
Joy Parade full-length (Seven Art 1998)
Swallow EP (self-released 1999)
Jade full-length (Century Media 2000)
one track on Rock Hard: Unerhört - the Best Unsigned Bands compilation
one track on Deathophobia IV compilation

further reading
Official website - quite pretty, lots of information.

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