Inglewood, CA, USA
mid-late 1990's

the band
Leticia Perez: guitar/vocals/bass
Alfredo: vocals/guitar?
Frank: drums?
Jose: bass/vocals
Alex: vocals/guitar
Martin: drums

partial discography
split 7" with Crom (Theologian 1995)
Left Back, Let Down 4-way split with Stapled Shut, Spazz, Crom (Theologian 1995)
split 7" with Suppression (Slap-a-Ham 1995)
split 7" with Despise You (Theologian 1996)
Pig Mindset 7" (Theologian 1996)
West Side Horizons full-length (Pessimiser 1999)
"Aquí Solito (Como Siempre)" on Cry Now, Cry Later (Theologian 1994)
one song on Cry Now, Cry Later #2 (Theologian 1995)
two songs on Loud and Ugly Vol. 2 coll (Bovine 1996)
ten songs on Possessed to Skate coll (Theologian 1997)
one song on Reality Part #2 coll (Deep Six 1998)
one song on Bleeeeaaauuurrrrgghh! coll (Slap-a-Ham 1998)

further reading
Ain't much Despise You info floating around on the web anymore, but here's a nice review - do a little ctrl-F on Despise to find it (or just scroll down the page, you know your alphabet...).

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