Saga, Japan

the band
Misa Moronaga: vocals
Makoto Kusano: vocals
Masayoshi 'Justice' Ichinose: drums
Yasuhiro Kawachi: guitar

partial discography
Sessions demo (self-released 1997)
Version 1.0 demo (self-released 1997/rereleased on Garlic Records)
split with Sperm Bank (self-released 1997)
Rotten to the Core live CD (H.G. Fact 1998)
split tape with Deviant Viral Source (Rotten Tooths 1998)
demo 2: enjoy grind demo (H.G. Fact 1999)
Blind Aggression CD (H.G. Fact 1999
Delete tape (Alternative Garage Entertainment 1999)
Kabe tape (H.G. Fact 2000)
two tracks on Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchestee comp (Alternative Garage Entertainment 1998)
one track on The Tomb of Grind 7" comp (Noise Squatch 1998)
two tracks on The Underworld Chronicles comp (Pony Canyon 1999)
one track on Trouble in the Squirthouse comp (Boss Chief 2000)

further reading
Official DxDx website! Quite sly and very informative (if a bit blinky). Amazing links list - you never knew there were so many metal bands in Malaysia, did you? Possibly the only place in the world you'll see What Happens Next? described first and foremost as "ex-Fuckface."

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