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Puerto Rico

the band
Taína: vocals
Javier: guitar
David: drums
Juampi: bass

partial discography
Espíritu de Punk cassette (Anaconda 1996)
Vienen por Nosotros cassette (Anaconda 1998)
Simulacro cassette (Anaconda 2000)
Jugando con Fuego cassette (Anaconda 2001)
El Arte de Irreverencia 7" (New Wave 2002)
Espíritu de Punk/Vienen por Nosotros CD (Boileve 2002)
Sin Excusas CD (Anaconda 2003)
and about 50 compilation appearances - check their website for details

further reading
The band's own webpage, en Español but you can probably glean at least some basic details even if you don't speak the language.

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