Tucson, Arizona, USA

the band
Starr: vocals
Charlie: guitar
Eli: guitar
Ryan: drums
Bill: bass
Brendan: vocals

partial discography
self-titled full-length (Code of Ethics)
split 7" with This Machine Kills (Code of Ethics)
split 7" with Man vs. Humanity (Per Koro)
Empires Today, Ashes Tomorrow EP (Code of Ethics)
split w/Madeline Ferguson (One Oh Five/Slave Union)

further reading
I have not, alas, been able to find anything much about BMS on the web (though I can tell you that the phrase "bury me standing" appears in a protest song or two, a kind of scary song about Jesus, as the title of a book about Gypsies, and as the title of a Ratdog song). And now they're broke up, so there probably won't ever be anything about them for me to link to, alas alas.

*but* - there is a great interview with them in HeartattaCk #30, which is so totally worth your money, being cheap and also stuffed with other fabulous things. If you don't get HaC in your local anarchist zine shop (you have one of them, right?), the good folks at Ebullition/HaC HQ can set you up.

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