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early 1990's-

the band
who's in this band, anyway?

partial discography
split CD with Abones (Fangs Anal Satan 1997)
split 7" with Tomsk (Bovine 1997)
split CD/10" with Barebones (Piranha 1997)
Black: Implication Flooding with Keiji Haino (Inoxia 1998)
Amplifier Worship (Mangrove 1998)
More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape split w/Choukoku No Niwa (Inoxia 1999)
Absolute Go (Southern Lord 2001)
Flood (Midi Creative 2001)
Heavy Rocks full-length (Quattro/UK 2002)
Megatone split with Merzbow (Inoxia 2002)
"Water Porch" on Take Care of Scabbard Fish coll (Scabbard Fish 1994)
"Vacuum" on From Koenji to Eternity coll (Inoxia 1996)
"Me and the Devil Blues" on Up Jumped the Devil Robert Johnson tribute (P-Vine 2000)

further reading:
Boris at Southern Lord (frames in effect, use link in discography for navigation...).

Boris at Inoxia/Fangs Anal Satan. Very complete discography and some really nice band photos.

a review of Absolute Go
Jeb writes in Crass Menagerie #97:
"BORIS haven taken their sludge to new highs on this CD... ooops... I mean to new lows. Gone is any pretense of Black Sabbath worshiping riffing and in its place is endless droning noise, bass rumblings and feedback. Yep, BORIS might be called a noise band except this isn't really noise so much as it is the slowest and most drawn out doom you have ever imagined. They have done themselves proud. Compared to this CD continental drift is breakneck. The CD starts out with a quiet hum that reminds me of when my refrigerator starts vibrating and for the next hour and five minutes the intensity increases with more guitar, more noise and more feedback. If you hear something in there that sounds disturbingly like music, that is because there really is music in there... you just got to wait to connect all the pieces. Damn... this seriously kills. I LOVE IT!!!! Every band has got to have their own genre tag nowadays, why don't we call this Sludgehammer Core?"

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