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New York, New York, USA

the band
Dawn (ex-Yum Yum Tree): guitar
Eric: vocals
Adam (ex-Yum Yum Tree): drums
Myles: bass

partial discography
demo (as Free Rads)
European tour CD
Weapon LP (Bushwick)
Empathy EP (Carmen Diablo)
Weep full-length (Coalition)
I Felt Like Such a Loser... 7" (Level Plane/Nova)
It a Weapon CD (Satellite Transmissions)
split w/Living Under Lies (Tokyo Fist)
Hall of Fame of Fire 12"/CD (Level Plane 2004)
one track on Times are Hard for Dreamers coll (Waking Records 2003)

further reading
The band's own site - rather scanty, but now and again there's somethin....

Books Lie chez Nova Recordings - very stylish *and* lots of info.

Interview at Broken Violence - intro and questions auf Deutsch, answers in English.

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