Detroit, Michigan, USA

the band
Annie (also Trephine): bass
Andy: vocals
Dustin: drums (1998, 2001-)
John (also Trephine): guitar (1998-2001)
Adam: drums (1999-2001)
Pat: guitar (2001-)

partial discography
As Good as Dead 7" (Element 1999)
All Systems Go! 12" (Underestimated 1999)
split 12" w/Varsity (+/- 1999)
A Bastardization CD (self-released, collection of all songs from first and second recording sessions)
split 7" w/Reaching Forward (Reflections, unreleased)
01101 CD EP (Genet 2000)
split 7" w/Time X (unreleased)
"Committed for Life" on Fight the World, Not Each Other 7 Seconds tribute coll (Reflections 1999)
"Depression" (Black Flag) on Hardcore Knockout II sampler (Genet 1999)
two tracks on Animal Sanctuary benefit record (Mountain, unreleased)

further reading
Bloodpact at +/- Records.

Bloodpact bio at Genet-Pyrrhus Records.

In Music We Trust review of the split w/Varsity by Jeb of the Crass Menagerie.

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