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LA, California, USA
1981-1988, 1990-1992?
later Betsy (and then Bitch again)

the band
Betsy Weiss: vocals
David Carruth: guitar
Robby Settles: drums
Mark Anthony Webb: bass (1983)
Richard Zusman: bass (1982-1983)
Ron Cordy: bass (1983-)
Joseph Romersa: keyboards (1987)

partial discography
Damnation Alley EP (Metal Blade 1982)
split w/Hellion (Mystic 1983)
Be My Slave full-length (Metal Blade 1983)
The Bitch is Back full-length (Metal Blade 1987)
A Rose by Any Other Name full-length (1989)
Bitch full-length (1991)
"Riding in Thunder" on Metal Massacre III coll (Metal Blade 1983)

further reading
Short but useful band bio.

fun facts
Bitch headlined over Metallica at Metallica's first San Francisco gig. Also, I hear Slayer was "discovered" at a gig opening for Bitch.

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