Cleveland, Ohio, USA

the band
Crystal Moore: vocals
Ormi: guitar, vocals
Skitch: drums, vocals
Rob Schultz: bass, vocals

partial discography
All Angels Scream full-length (Level Two 2000)

further reading
The band's own webpage.

an opinion
Biastfear have the dubious honor of being the first rap-metal (they call it "heavy-hop") band I've come upon with a female member (and she's black, too - I can't think of a single other black woman in heavy music, whoa). Props for diversity, but Biastfear haven't made me rethink my loathing for rap-metal as a genre....

another opinion
this one is MikeSOS in the Crass Menagerie:
"Biastfear is an Ohio rock outfit whose female fronted hard rock is tinged with sultry melodies and a flare for different genres ("All Angels Scream"). While this isn't a concept that's groundbreaking, this nine track disc succeeds because Biastfear lets the singer sing and the band rock, both at an even keel. And this band does rock, complete with heavy backbeats and a throbbing bass. Because of this, these folks come off decisively heavier than most other female rock outfits ("Coming Down"), barring Kittie. While the hip-hop flavor of some of the tracks grows weary after a few listens, the overall outcome is that Biastfear blend Garbage-esque vocal lines with some jarring riffs that would remind you of some of the nu metal bands Sevendust, Incubus) hitting the airwaves ("Don't You")."

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