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Portland, Oregon, USA

the band
Joanne: vocals
Mandy: bass
Tyler: guitar
Chad: drums

partial discography
Theyraftame full-length (Recess 2000?)
This Silence Kills 10"/CD (Recess 2001)

further reading
The band's own webpage - not a huge amount of info, but there's some, plus audio files! Rule.

quoth Smurph on approximately 9/3/00
"Last night on a random trip to gilman, I saw what I think was a first in my book, a spirit of 88 hardcore revival band with not only a female bass player, but a female lead singer. It was pretty unbelievable. The whole band looked pretty young, but this woman was tiny. It seemed like a totally perfect copy of the archetypal tough guy hardcore stage moves, only being done by a very small woman. It's like in some wacky anime when the characters turn into smaller more cartoony versions of themselves.

"I really saw almost all the moves. The band starts and she is jumping straight up and down (warming up...) Then the pacing back and forth (i'm getting madder and madder...) Then the one fist behind the back the other bringing the mic straight to the mouth to begin the (somewhat screachy, but not nearly like Mike Ski from Brothers' Keeper) vocal bursts.

"Further embellishments consisted of flipping up the hood of the hooded sweatshirt (which had an indecesion patch), some really nice swinging/tossing the mic away and then catching it, the cupping the mic with two hands and pumping the elbows like a bellows, and the drop to the knees cupping the mic with two hands. The only thing I saw missing were the finger points (two fingers of course) but all in all it was totally impressive."

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