the band
Julia Pruns: guitar, vocals
Timur Tatlici: drums
Christoph Jahn: vocals (1992)
Mieschko Bendig: bass (1992-1993)
Mark Brüning: vocals (1992-)
Jürg Steinbrenner: guitar (1993-)
Daniel Görner: bass (1993-???)
Mathias Nowak: bass (???-???)
Mathias Rasch: bass (???-???)
Thomas Labies: bass (???-2000)
Julian Koenen: bass (2000-)

partial discography
Introducing the Death demo (1995)
Birth full-length (D & S 1997)
self-titled 3-song demo (1999)
two songs on Rock Gegen Rechts: Freundschaft Macht Schule coll (1994)
two songs on Made in Buxtehude coll (1996)
one song on Only the Diehard Remain coll (1997)
at least one song on Unbroken Metal coll (1998)
at least one song on Day of the Demon Demon tribute coll (Hellion 1999)

further reading
Official Bäd Influence website! Black background and blackletter text, natürlich - also lots of good info. I actually discovered this page whilst looking for info on Sabina of Holy Moses (who Julia credits as an influence).

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