August 23, 1999: Throat Singers

The final hour of this program is inspired by the recent film Genghis Blues. Tuvan styles of "throat singing" are surveyed, then other varieties of overtone singing from Tibet, Australia, New Zealand, and some classically influenced song is heard.

Fanfare I (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Bohuslav Martinu: Symphony no. 1 (CD: Martinu: (Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester; Symphonies no. 1 & 2) Claus Peter Flor) Jean-Baptiste Accolay: Concerto no. 1 in A minor (CD: Concertos (Itzhak Perlman, violin; Juilliard from My Childhood) Orchestra; Lawrence Foster) Niccolò Paganini: Concerto for violin and orchestra no. (CD: Paganini: Violin 1 in D major, op. 6 Concertos No. 1 & 4) III. Rondo: Allegro spirituoso (Zino Francescatti, violin; The Philadelphia Orchesta; Eugene Ormandy) John Stanley: Voluntary in D major, (CD: Stanley: (Richard Marlowe, organ) Organ Voluntaries)
Palestrina: Tu es petrus (CD: Allegri: Miserere) (Choir of Westminster Cathedral; Stephen Cleobury) Benjamin Britten: Hymn to St. Peter (CD: Rejoice (St. Thomas Choir of Men in the Lamb) and Boys; Gerre Hancock) Ernst Krenek: In Parasceve (CD: Krenek: Lamentatio Lectio Prima Jeremiae Prophetae) (RIAS-Kammerchor; Marcus Creed ) Morton Lauridsen: Ave Maria (CD: Lauridsen: (Los Angeles Master Lux AEterna) Chorale; Paul Salamunovich) Patrick Doyle (CD: Soundtrack: The woman with no name Dead Again) Winter 1948 Arvo Pärt: Magnificat (CD: Arvo Pärt: (Theatre of Voices; Paul Hillier) De Profundis) Sarah Hopkins: Past life melodies (CD: Advance, (St. Olaf Choir; Anton Armstrong) Australia Fair) Henry Purcell: Fly, bold rebellion (CD: Purcell: Complete Be welcome then, great Sir Odes and Welcome (James Bowman, countertenor; The Songs, Vol. 3) King's Consort; Robert King) Louis Vierne: Carillon de Westminster (CD: There let the (David Hill, organ) pealing organ blow...)
Stephen Leek: Great Southern Spirits (CD: Great Wirindji Southern Spirits) Uleg-Khem (CD: Early Music) (Kronos Quartet; Throat Singers of Tuva) Alash Khem (The Alash River) (CD: Genghis Blues) (Ondar) Hidden track - Tuvan singing styles (CD: Ondar: Back (David Hoffner) Tuva Future) Tuva groove (Bolur daa-bol, bolbas daa-bol) (CD: Ondar: Back (Kongar-ol Ondar, vocals; Richard Tuva Future) Feynman, chants and hand drums; Thomas Rutishauser: hand drums; David Hoffner) Kargyraa rap (Durgen Chugaa) (CD: Ondar: Back (Kongar-ol Ondar, kargyraa vocals, Tuva Future) homus (Tuvan jawharp); Richard Feynman, storytelling; Ralph Leighton, laughter; Richard Bennett, electric guitar; David Hoffner, sampled percussion, bass, and effects) Kargyraa moan (CD: Genghis Blues) (Paul Pena) Karlheinz Stockhausen: Stimmung (CD: Stockhausen: Langsammen Stimmung) (Singcircle; Gregory Rose) Gompa Heart Sutra (CD: Soundtrack: Little Buddha) Brotherhood returning (CD: Earth to the (The Harmonic Choir; David Hykes) Unknown Power) Fanfare II (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ)
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