English Accent

This program contains elements with connections to England. As this is the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding of the Prince of Wales and the Lady Diana Spencer, music from that event is featured. Two soundbites from that event are presented in context. The "Amen" at the blessing comes from the Gibbons anthem, "Great Lord of Lords", and "Thaxted", the tune for "I vow to thee my country" comes from "Jupiter, the bringer of Jollity", from Holst's The Planets.

Also, starting this week, music from the 1996 season of the BBC Proms will be sampled, which allows for a rather tenuous link to England, Brahms's "Variations on a Theme by Haydn". (Scholars note that the "St. Anthony" chorale upon which this piece is based is now attributed to one of Haydn's students rather than Haydn himself, so new citations of this work now read "Variations on the St. Anthony Chorale"). This work is in Prom 10.

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Norfolk Rhapsody No. 1		 (CD: Vaughan Williams:
		(New Philharmonia Orchestra;		   Serenade to Music)
		 Sir Adrian Boult)

Ferrabosco I: In Nomine à 5				 (CD: The English Viol)

John Taverner: Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas		  (LP: John Taverner:
	Sanctus 					    Missa Gloria Tibi
	Benedictus						Trinitas)
		(Tallis Scholars; Peter Phillips)

Patrick Doyle: The Thistle and the Rose 		(CD: A Birthday Concert
		(Marie McLaughlin, soprano; English	   for My Grandmother)
		 Chamber Orchestra; Raymond Leppard)

Patrick Doyle: Non nobis, domine			    (CD: Soundtrack:
		(City of Birmingham Symphony		      King Henry V)
		 Orchestra; Simon Rattle)

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas	 (LP: Vaughan Williams:
	Tallis						    Tallis Fantasy /
		(Philharmonic Promenade 		    Norgolk Rhapsody
		 Orchestra; Sir Adrian Boult)			 / etc.)

Johannes Brahms: Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn	 (CD: Brahms: Symphony
		(Staatskapelle Dresden; Claudio Abbado)       No. 4 & Haydn

Cambridge Surprise Minor				   (CD: Church Bells
		(St. Leonard, Bledington, Gloucestershire)     of England)

Charles Villiers Stanford: When in our music God is	      (CD: Amazing
	glorified					    Grace: The Mormon
		(Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Clay		    Tabernacle Choir)
		 Christiansen, organ; Craig Jessop)

Orlando Gibbons: Great Lord of Lords			  (CD: Great Cathedral
		(Choir of Lincoln Cathedral; Colin Walsh)   Anthems, Vol. IV)

Gustav Holst: The Planets				      (CD: Holst:
	Jupiter, the bringer of jollity 		      The Planets)
		(Montreal Symphony Orchestra; Charles Dutoit)

The Royal Wedding					 (LP: The Royal Tribute)

Louis Vierne: Carillon de Westminster			  (CD: A Grand Chorus)
		(Andrew Lumsden, organ)

George and Ira Gershwin: Let's call the whole thing off	     (CD: Mix Well)
		(The Gentlemen of St. John's)

Music from the Royal Wedding, July 29, 1981

W. Jackson: Fanfare "Royale"
		(The State Trumpeters; Major Antony Richards)

Jeremiah Clarke (arr. Dearnley/Willcocks): The Prince of Denmark's March

Henry Purcell: Christ is made the sure foundation

William Mathias: Let the people praise Thee, O God
		(Choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral & HM Chapel Royal;
		 Christoper Dearnley, organ; Barry Rose)

Sir Hubert Parry: I was glad
		(Choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral & HM Chapel Royal;
		 Fanfare Trumpeters of the Royal School of Music;
		 Christoper Dearnley, organ; Barry Rose)

Christopher Dearnley: Lesser litany
		(The Rev. Michael Moxon, officiant; Choirs of St.
		 Paul's Cathedral & HM Chapel Royal; Richard

Gustav Holst: I vow to thee my country

Orlando Gibbons: Amen
		(Choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral & HM Chapel Royal;
		 Richard Popplewell)

David Willcocks (arr.): God save the Queen
		(Choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral & HM Chapel Royal;
		 Fanfare Trumpeters of the Royal School of Music;
		 Sir David Willcocks)

George Frideric Handel: March from Occasional Oratorio
		(Christopher Dearnley, organ)

George Frideric Handel: Samson (excerpts)
	Let the bright seraphim
	Let their celestial concerts all unite
		(Kiri Te Kanawa, soprano; John Wallace, trumpet;
		 The Bach Choir and Orchestra; John Scott, organ;
		 Sir David Willcocks)

A. Richards: Fanfare "Rejoicing"
		(The State Trumpeters; Major Antony Richards)

Sir Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March No. 4
		(Orchestra; Sir Colin Davis)

I vow to thee my country

Because of interest in this hymn from web visitors, I have added the text of this hymn.

--Romain, 6 September 1997

Thaxted. Cecil Spring-Rice (1859-1918)
Gustav Holst (1874-1934).

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