Tuba Mirum

The upcoming Halloween custom and a concert for Halloween night lend two connections to the theme for this program, Tuba mirum ("marvellous tuba"). First, recall that "Hallowe'en" was the evening before All Saints' Day, All Hallow's even. The Requiem mass was typically said on All Hallow's Day, and part of the Sequence would be the text, "Tuba mirum", which is best known in the translation, "The trumpet shall sound". Therefore, various settings of that text in different languages are including in this program.

As it turns out, St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Palo Alto has engaged the pop/rock ensemble Tuba Death to participate in its annual Halloween concert. So a generous helping of tuba music including a rock medley from a Tuba Death concert is featured in this edition of Mixed Up Class.

Clearly, at the time the original texts were written, modern brass instruments such as the trumpet or the tuba did not exist. More likely, something like the Near Eastern shofar, which frequently called people to prayer, was envisioned as calling the dead back to life by the scribes of Biblical times. To the Renaissance mind, the most likely instrument for Heaven to use would be a non-sliding ancestor of the modern trombone. So this is also an opportunity to bring in other members of the brass family of musical instruments.

Leo Sowerby: Magnificat 				 (CD: Praise the Lord)
		(Choir St. Thomas, Fifth
		 Avenue; Gerre Hancock)

Raymond Luedeke: Wonderland Duets for two tubas and	    (CD: Tuba Intim)
		(Michael Vogt, Georg Schwark, tubas;
		 Hans-Eckardt Wenzel, narrator)

John Adams: Fearful Symmetries				(CD: Fearful Symmetries
		(Orchestra of St. Luke's; John Adams)	  / The Wound Dresser)

Igor Strawinsky: Elégie 				    (CD: Tuba Intim)
		(Michael Vogt, Georg Schwark, tubas)

John Dowland: Lute songs, lute solos			    (CD: Lute songs,
	The Lady Laiton's Almaine			       Lute solos)
	The Frog Galliard
	Mistress White's Thing
	The Round Battle Galliard
	Katherine Darcy's Galliard
		(Robert Spencer, lute)

W. A. Mozart: Requiem					 (CD: Mozart: Requiem)
	Tuba mirum
		(Matti Salminen, bass; David Rendall,
		 tenor; Ann Murray, mezzo; Choirs &
		 Orchestre de Paris; Daniel Barenboim)

G. F. Händel: Messiah					 (CD: Händel: Messiah)
	The trumpet shall sound
		(David Thomas, bass; Academy of
		 Ancient Music; Christopher Hogwood)

Johannes Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem			    (CD: Brahms: Ein
	Denn wir haben hier kein bleibende Statt	   Deutsches Requiem)
		(Rodney Gilfry, baritone; Orchestre
		 Révolutionnaire et Romantique; John
		 Eliot Gardiner)

W. A. Mozart: Divertimento No. 2 in B flat		 (CD: Tuba! A Six-Tuba
		(Gerhard Meinl's Tuba Sextet)		      Musical Romp)

Edgard Bainton: And I saw a new heaven			 (CD: English Anthems)
		(Choir of King's College,
		 Cambridge; Stephen Cleobury)

Gabriel Fauré: Requiem					 (CD: Glorious Trinity)
	In paradisum
		(Choir of Trinity College,
		 Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

William Harris: Faire is the Heaven			 (CD: English Anthems)
		(Choir of King's College,
		 Cambridge; Stephen Cleobury)

Maurice Duruflé: Ubi caritas				 (CD: Glorious Trinity)
		(Choir of Trinity College,
		 Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

Meredith Wilson: 76 Trombones				   (CD: Beachcomber:
		(Dallas Wind Symphony;			    Encores for Band)
		 Frederick Fennell)

Leonard Bernstein: Slava!				   (CD: Beachcomber:
		(Dallas Wind Symphony;			    Encores for Band)
		 Frederick Fennell)

Richard Wagner (arr. Edwin Lemare): Ride of the 	       (CD: Organ
	Valkyries					     Transcriptions)
		(Thomas Trotter, organ)

Händel: Water Music					    (CD: The Sounds
	Allegro maestoso				      of Trinity )
		(Trinity Brass Ensemble; Brian
		 Jones, organ; Ross Wood)

Jean-Joseph Mouret: Rondeau				    (CD: The Sounds
		(Trinity Brass Ensemble; Ross		      of Trinity )
		 Wood, organ; Brian Jones)

Jean-Joseph Mouret: Rondeau				    (CD: The Mighty
		(The Tubadors)					Tubadors)

Charles Gounod: March of the Marionettes		    (CD: The Mighty
		(The Tubadors)					Tubadors)

Dmitri Kabalevsky: Comedians' Galop			    (CD: The Mighty
		(The Tubadors)					Tubadors)

Tuba Death: Rock Medley

Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg: If I only had a brain	 (CD: Travelin' Light)
		(Sam Pilafin, tuba)

Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre			     (CD: The Best
		(Royal Concertgebouw			     of Saint-Saëns)
		 Orchestra; Barnard Haitink)

Camille Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals		     (CD: The Best
	Fossils 					     of Saint-Saëns)
		(Pittsburgh Symphony
		 Orchestra; André Previn)

Norman Cocker: Tuba Tune				  (CD: Trumpet & Tuba
		(Donald Joyce, organ)			    Tunes, Toccatas &

Craig Sellar Lang: Tuba Tune				  (CD: Trumpet & Tuba
		(Donald Joyce, organ)			    Tunes, Toccatas &

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