July 5, 1999: Karen Bentley, Part I

The final hour of this program combines an interview with Palo Alto violinist Karen Bentley with examples from several of her musical facet. In addition to classical selections, New Age improvisations with pianist Bruce Hanifan and prog rock selections with Tesseract are included in this segment. The conclusion of this interview is presented on July 12

In addition, in observance of the Independence Day holiday, music of the United States and colonial days is included in each hour of this program.

Fanfare I (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Ludwig van Beethoven: 7 variations on "God save the King" (CD: The Beethoven (Melvin Tan, fortepiano) Broadwood Fortepiano) Aaron Copland: Third Symphony (CD: Copland: Third (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Yoel Levi) Symphony / Music for the Theatre) Virgil Thomson: Variations on "Shall we gather at the (CD: Organ Imperial) river?" (Martin Souter, organ)
The promised land / The traveller (CD: An American (Waverly Consort) Journey) American hymns (CD: Westminster (Westminster Choir; Joseph Flummerfelt) Choir at Spoleto Festival, U.S.A.) Jehan Titelouze: Veni Creator (CD: Jehan Titelouze: (Sylvain Ciaravolo, organ) Hymnes et Magnificat) Richard Shephard: And when the builders (CD: A Service (Salisbury Cathedral of Evensong from Choir; Richard Seal) Salisbury Cathedral) Dances from Playford's "Dancing Master" (CD: An American (Waverly Consort; Michael Jaffee) Journey: Bound for the Promised Land) Shenandoah (CD: Sonos (Sonos Handbell Ensemble; Handbell Ensemble) James Meredith) Aaron Copland (arr. Sanford Doyle): Selections from Rodeo (CD: Sonos Saturday night waltz Handbell Ensemble) (Sonos Handbell Ensemble; James Meredith) Yankee doodle (CD: Liberty Tree) (Boston Camerata; Joel Cohen) William Billings: Chester (CD: Liberty Tree) (Boston Camerata; Joel Cohen) Rights of woman (CD: Liberty Tree) (Boston Camerata; Joel Cohen) Dale Wood: Fantasy on the early American hymn tune Pisgah (CD: Instrument (James Welch, organ) of Peace)
Gentle Breath (CD: Ariel View) (Karen Bentley, violin; Bruce Hanifan, piano) Ariel View (CD: Ariel View) (Karen Bentley, violin; Bruce Hanifan, piano) Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata no. 1 in F minor (recital, 2 IV. Allegro con fuoco February 1996) (Karen Bentley, violin; Dmitriy Cogan, piano) Julius Smith: Rice (CD: Tesseract) (Tesseract) J. S. Bach: Concerto in A minor: Allegro assai (CD: Tesseract) (Tesseract) Charles Ives: Second Sonata (CD: recital, III. Revival 23 March 1997) (Karen Bentley, violin; Dmitriy Cogan, piano)
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