Chart for Month of April 1995


  1. godheadSilo: Elephantitus of the Night (Kill Rock Stars)
  2. Panda: Panda (KoKoPop)
  3. Guided By Voices: Alien Lanes (Matador)
  4. Red Aunts: #1 Chicken (Epitaph)
  5. Brentwoods: Fun in South City (LP) (Radio X)
  6. God Is My Co-Pilot: Sex Is for Making Babies (Les Disques du Soleil et de L'Acier)
  7. Collection: The Long Secret (Harriet)
  8. Anal Cunt: Top 40 Hits (Earache)
  9. Milk Cult: Burn or Bury (Basura!/Priority)
  10. Groovie Ghoulies: Born in the Basement (Green Door)
  11. Hentchmen: Ultra Hentch (Norton)
  12. Collection: Threadwaxing Space Live (Zero Hour)
  13. Helium: The Dirt of Luck (Matador)
  14. Rickets: Destroy Olympia (7") (K)
  15. Spitboy: Rasana (7") (Ebullition)
  16. Collection: Swingin' Utters/UK Subs (7") (New Red Archives)
  17. Negativland: Fair Use (Seeland)
  18. Manning, Barbara: Sings With The Original Artists (Feel Good All Over)
  19. Mountain Goats and Alistair Galbraith: Orange Raja, Blood Royal (Walt)
  20. Kramer: The Secret of Comedy (Shimmy-Disc)
  21. Dogbowl & Kramer: Hot Day in Waco (Shimmy-Disc)
  22. Hazel: Are You Going To Eat That (Sub Pop)
  23. Collection: Cry Now, Cry Later (2x7") (Theologian)
  24. Eskimo: The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin (Prawn Song)
  25. Bunnygrunt: Bunnygrunt Family Notebook (7") (March)
  26. Incredible Force of Junior: Stronger (7") (Cher Doll)
  27. Painkiller: Execution Ground (Subharmonic)
  28. 5,6,7,8's: The 5,6,7,8's (Au Go Go)
  29. Collection: American Skathic II (Jump Up!)
  30. SNFU: The One Voted Most Likely to Succeed (Epitaph)
  31. Diesel Queens: Hooked On Moronics (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  32. Gaunt: I Can See Your Mom From Here (Thrill Jockey)
  33. Impala: Kings of the Strip (Estrus)
  34. Collection: RE/SEARCH: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume II (Asphodel)
  35. Collection: We Are All Guilty (LP) (Outcast)
  36. Charles Brown Superstar: Days of Our Drive/Sweet Piece of Ass (2xLP) (W.I.N.)
  37. Stein: Köaut;nigzucker (Our Choice)
  38. RegistRators: Girl Girl Girl (7") (Mangrove)
  39. Soilent Green: Pussysoul (Dwell)
  40. Shatners: Thee Shatners (LP) (Planet Pimp)
  41. Morphine: Yes (Ryko)
  42. A.F.I.: Fly In the Ointment (7") (Wedge)
  43. 18th Dye: Tribute to a Bus (Ché)
  44. Flying Saucer Attack: Further (Drag City)
  45. Dog Faced Hermans: Dump and Swing (Alternative Tentacles)
  46. Spiritualized: Pure Phase (Dedicated/Arista)
  47. It Is I: Evolve (Dwell)
  48. 6ths: Wasps' Nests (London)
  49. Refrigerator: How You Continue Dreaming (Communion)
  50. The The: Hanky Panky (Epic)
  51. Volcanos: Krakatoa (7") (Neurotic Bop)
  52. Laika & the Cosmonauts: The Amazing Collosal Band (Upstart)
  53. Fushitsusha: Pathetique (PSF)
  54. Sportsguitar: Gong Gong (7") (Sub Pop)
  55. Big City Orchestra: The Consumer (Commercial Failure)
  56. Grifters: Eureka (Shangri-La)
  57. Lee, Ben: Grandpaw Would (Grand Royal)
  58. Queers: Surf Goddess (Lookout)
  59. Hudson: Out of Gas (7") (Farout)
  60. Face to Face: Big Choice (Victory)


  1. Masta Ace Incorporated: The I.N.C. Ride, (12") (Delicious/Capitol)
  2. Big L: Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous (LP) (Columbia)
  3. Prunes: Tracks from the Darkside (12") (New Breed)
  4. Call O' Da Wild: Sometimes the Neighborhood (12") (East Side)
  5. Ol' Dirty Bastard: Return to the 36 Chambers (Elektra)
  6. Nonce: World Ultimate (LP) (Wild West)
  7. Alkaholiks: The Next Level (12") (Loud)
  8. Da Dysfunkshunal Familee: New Ruff Flava (12") (Armageddon)
  9. B.L.A.C.K.: Truth (12") (J. Crow)
  10. Heather B: All Glocks Down (12") (Pendulum)


  1. Common Sense: Resurrection (12") (Relativity)
  2. Dread, Mikey: Come to Mikey Dread's Dub Party (ROIR)
  3. Niney the Observer: Observer Attack Dub (ROIR)
  4. Garmarna: Vittrad (Omnium)
  5. Gamelan Pacifica: Trance Gong (What Next?)
  6. Collection: Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II (Hightone)
  7. J P P: Kaustinen Rhapsody (Xenophile)
  8. Inka Inka: Myth of the Machine (Fort)
  9. Israel Vibration: On the Rock (Real Authentic Sound)
  10. Justin Vali Trio: The Truth (Realworld)


  1. Zorn, John & Fred Frith: The Art of Memory (Incus)
  2. Figure 8 (Rova x 4): Pipe Dreams (Black Saint)
  3. Peacock, Gary and Bill Frisell: Just So Happens (Postcards)
  4. Cline, Nels: Pants (7") (Ecstatic Peace!)
  5. Brotzmann, Peter: The Dried Rat-Dog (Okka Disk)
  6. Byron, Don: Music For Six Musicians (Nonesuch)
  7. Coleman, Steve & Dave Holland: Phase Space (DIW)
  8. Reichel, Hans: Lower Lurum (Rastascan)
  9. Bendian, Gregg: Definite Pitch (Aggregate)
  10. Bailey, Derek: Duo and Trio Improvisation (DIW)


  1. Collection: "Please Mr. Foreman": Motor City Blues (Schoolkids')
  2. Dyer, Johnny featuring Rick Holmstrom: Shake It! (Black Top)
  3. Block, Rory: When A Woman Gets the Blues (Rounder)
  4. Foley, Sue: Big City Blues (Antone's)
  5. King Biscuit Boy: Urban Blues Re:Newal (Blue Wave)
  6. Eaglin, Snooks: Soul's Edge (Black Top)
  7. Peterson, James: Don't Let the Devil Ride (Waldoxy)
  8. Papa Chubby: Booty and the Beast (OKeh/Sony)
  9. Davis, Cedell: The Best of Cedell Davis (Fat Possum/Capricorn)
  10. Lynn, Trudy: 24 Hour Woman (Ichiban)


  1. Rickets: Destroy Olympia (7") (K)
  2. Spitboy: Rasana (7") (Ebullition)
  3. Collection: Swingin' Utters/UK Subs (7") (New Red Archives)
  4. Collection: Cry Now, Cry Later (2x7") (Theologian)
  5. Bunnygrunt: Bunnygrunt Family Notebook (7") (March)
  6. Incredible Force of Junior: Stronger (7") (Cher Doll)
  7. Cline, Nels: Pants (7") (Ecstatic Peace!)
  8. RegistRators: Girl Girl Girl (7") (Mangrove)
  9. A.F.I.: Fly In the Ointment (7") (Wedge)
  10. Volcanos: Krakatoa (7") (Neurotic Bop)


  1. Anal Cunt: Top 40 Hits (Earache)
  2. Collection: Cry Now, Cry Later (2x7") (Theologian)
  3. Soilent Green: Pussysoul (Dwell)
  4. It Is I: Evolve (Dwell)
  5. Unleashed: Victory (Century Media)
  6. Emperor: In the Nights (Century Black)
  7. Initial State: Abort the Soul (Clearview)
  8. KMFDM: Nihil (Wax Trax/TVT)
  9. Ulcer: Distort the Meaning (7") (Fetus)
  10. Pitch Shifter: The Remix War (Earache)


  1. KMFDM: Nihil (Wax Trax/TVT)
  2. µ-Ziq Vs. the Auteurs: µ-Zig Vs the Auteurs (Astralwerks/Hut)
  3. Collection: The Trip Hop Test - Part One (Moonshine)
  4. Acumen: Transmissions From Eville... (Fifth Column)
  5. Collection: Logic Trance 2 (Logic/BMG)
  6. Collection: Trance Atlantic (Trance Atlantic)
  7. Collection: Mind/Body Compilation Volume 2 (AMI)
  8. Collection: Hellscape (Furnace)
  9. Vampire Rodents: Clockseed (Reconstriction/Cargo)
  10. Collection: Ambient Systems (Instinct)


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