Athens, Georgia, USA

the band
Breonne Dedecker: vocals
Matt Roth: drums
Scott Beacher: bass
Tim Bernazza: guitar

partial discography
6-song demo
at least one track on Times are Hard for Dreamers coll (Waking Records 2003)

further reading
The band's own website. It says right there "I will make this a real website soon," but it looks pretty real to me, what with all the mp3s and reviews and tour diaries and stuff, excepting that it's all on one long endlessly scrolling page. But hell, you won't get carpal tunnel from mouse-clicking from this page. Dig the show reviews, why don't you!

Bonus points: they have a song called "K is for Kate That Was Struck By an Axe," which, if it isn't actually a line from that Edward Gorey alphabet, sounds a lot like it and that's good enough for me. Extra bonus points: the song also kicks ass.

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