August 1989-mid-1990's
Tilburg, Holland

Corinne van de Brand: vocals, bass
Jos van de Brand: guitar
Richard: guitar (1989-1995)
Vincent: drums (1989)
Roeland: drums (1989-1990)
Serge Smolders: drums (1990-)
Michel Meeuwissen: guitar (1995-)

partial discography
Prologue demo (self-released)
Dehumanized demo (self-released
songs on Where is Your God Now coll LP (DSFA Productions 1990)
7" (Seraphic Decay 1990)
Engraved in Black album (Modern Primitive 1992)
"Relics" on Peaceville Vol. 4 collection (Peaceville 1992)
Forgotten EP (Double Noise 1995)
Sentenced album (Double Noise 1995)

further reading
Acrostichon at Double Noise Records (hasn't been updated since 1996, dunno if either Acrostichon or Double Noise is still around...).

Reviews of Acrostichon's 1995 album Sentenced.

The end of the story, courtesy of guitarist Richard:
"I was checking out your site, which looks great-by the way, and I found my old band on it. I saw your info was quite outdated so here's what happened to Acrostichon: shortly after the recording of sentenced Corinne left the band. She was replaced by Tjerk. During the years the sound changed quite a lot and therefore the name was changed in Outburst. So what happened to the members: Corinne stopped playing in bands, Jos and Serge are playing in Outburst. Michel plays in Crustacean. Roeland plays in Green Lizard and I(Richard) am the guitarist/vocalist for Robot Monster."

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