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KZSU Program Guide

KZSU's program guide is a zine put out at the beginning of fall, winter, spring, and sometimes summer quarters by KZSU staff. We leave stacks of 'em at local record stores, coffeehouses, and assorted locations throughout campus. It contains music reviews, amusing tidbits, and our full quarterly broadcast schedule — all in one smartly designed, pulpy package. Oh, and did we mention it's completely free?

Just send an email to pg@kzsu.stanford.edu for inquiries.


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Web Zines

+ Fall 1996 - Debra's first impressions of KZSU, Secret Agent goes to a Deadguy show, and interviews with rock juggernaut NoMeansNo and KZSU luminaries Dr. Sauce and DJ Coles

+ Spring 1996 - KZSU DJ at-home listening, interviews with American Sensei and Eskimo, Creole cooking with Leonard, and a trip to see those Missouri elementary school kids who drew us a new logo

+ Winter 1996 - Idiot Flesh are ex-Mormons, Moe! attacks stage, Yasmin goes to the opera, a profile of KZSU DJ Dopestyle, and top 10 of 1995 lists (including Kevvy Kev's top 10 words)

+ Summer 1995 - basketball with Tim, Sean, and Mike Watt, interviews with Jerry Only and Dystopia, the evil which lurks within vending machines, and Just Ask Glenn

+ Spring 1995 - Glenn spends a day at the KZSU record fair, Clay interviews Michael Moore (the musician, not the moviemaker) and Secret Agent chats with Avail