The Day of Noise

The highly classified Dan Plonsey of The Manufacturing of Humidifiers, temprorily abanonds the saxophone in favor of the toy whistle.

KZSU, March 30th, 1995. The Day of Noise was a 24-hour marathon tribute to improvised noise. This event was inspired by the memorable climax of the Day of Difficulty (a little over two years before - 6/93) during which a number of KZSU regulars and irregulars demonstrated that being an inexperienced amateur is no excuse for not indulging in musical (or amusical) self-expression. The Day of Noise took this a step further, mixing the efforts of amateurs, professionals, and everything in between to focus almost entirely on live on- the-air improv...

The Noise day personnel, in chronological order:

The Voice of Doom (now on Thursdays, 9PM to Midnight) and Danger Baby - echoy organic sounds and heavily processed bass guitar.

Glenn the Love Rhombus (of the Friday afternoon "Surprise!" show, 3PM to 6PM) and a whole slew of volunteers - percussion, banjo, guitar, and who knows what else.

The Pillar of Plastic - Another mysterious solo drone fest (listen to "The Process" on Sunday nights Midnight to 3AM for a perhaps somewhat similar sound).

Gino Robair and Co. -- Gino Robair played Theremin (rather than the bizarre percussion he's known for in the Splatter Trio), and brought along fellow Splatter Trio member Myles Boisen who played his double necked guitar and base, and Dave Toller on electro-assisted trombone.

The Manufacturing of Humidifiers - Gino troupe was joined by members of the Manufacturing of Humidifiers: Dan Plonsey and Randy Porter.

Mandible Chatter - the industrial ambient masters put in a great performance which unfortunately is not likely to ever appear on any recordings due to fear of the lawyers of Tori Amos.

Nothing - the radio debut of the local organic industrial artists joined by Spazzgadget Labratories.

DJ Unknown - the day was concluded by Unknown whose turntable mixing skills can dispel any doubt that a turntable should be considered a creative instrument.

Memebers of the Splatter Trio and Manufacturing of Humidifiers join forces with Dave Toller during the Day of Noise. Photos by R. Nielsen, using the photograpic analog of improvied noise: an in-camera double exposure technique.

All in all this event was a great success at bringing together people of different backgrounds and skill levels to generate some really interesting radio...

Could it be that this will become an annual event at KZSU? It's hard to say... but stay tuned to 90.1 FM for the noise you need, whether it's sports, news, music or post-music. And beware the Ides of March.

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